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Pregnancy and motherhood are the most beautiful and significantly life-altering events . Gone are the days,when society asked us to stay at home, wear a loose tent, and don’t for heaven’s sake let’s, you know, talk about it in polite society.

Gradually there’s been a sea-change, and society has accepted that pregnant women are probably quite normal after all – maternity wear is desirable, pregnant women are continuing to work, and the bump is finally out of the kitchen.

Pregnancy has, in fact, become rather glamorous. And while that has got us out of the house and into some pretty clothes, it hasn’t helped so much with our body image.
But you know – that bigger, rounder, softer you? Hey, it’s gorgeous too.



So – how about you? The baby is due in weeks, everything aches, pretty clothes won’t fit, . Why in the name of all things sensible would you choose to be photographed?

Well, really, why not?

You wouldn’t hesitate to have photographs of your wedding day. Of your new baby’s smile.Why? Because those are the tiny, fleeting moments you want to grab onto.
Is pregnancy not one of the very biggest of the biggies? Of course it is.

We take the selfies and share on social media to keep friends and family updated. They aren’t typically the most flattering photos, but I think we hide behind the fact that it’s not expected to be. We see professional maternity photos and think how we would like to have our pregnancy captured, but….
The thought of paying a photographer to have professional maternity photos done sounds like a waste of money. “I mean look how I look in these photos. I’m not a model and definitely don’t feel pretty.” I am here to tell you a photo you capture with your phone will look different than what a professional photographer will capture.

Looking at the images of pregnant you – strong, beautiful, sculptured and amazingly feminine (and, yes, glamorous too) will change your perception of yourself.

Having a baby is an amazing thing, and pregnancy photography helps you see past the rounder, wider, softer body, you avoid in the mirror, and see the intensely brilliant, gorgeous woman you are!

Take care 🙂



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