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When you have a session with me I would want to learn more about you and your family before we meet.  I don’t want to show up and hope for the best but rather have a plan of action of what we want to accomplish.  You may only know that you want awesome pictures of your children or family and that is fine too.  I can help guide you along in the process so feel free to ask any questions you may have.

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The first few days of your newborn’s life are a series of special moments. The first snuffles and gurgles. The tiny cries and whimpers. The first time your baby holds your finger or opens his eyes.It’s almost hard to believe that just a week or so ago your newborn hadn’tPeachLovePhotography-(1)PINIMAGEeven arrived. And now here he is turning your world upside down. And it’s amazing.
A newborn portrait photography shoot, within the first ten days, is the perfect way to capture these special moments, and baby’s first few days in the big wide world. With their soft downy skin and exquisite features, newborns photograph beautifully. And at this age, they’re happy to curl up in a ball, lie perfectly still wherever you place them, and quietly drop off to sleep.
Which means you get artistic, beautiful portrait photographs of your newborn that are as perfect as he is.

So what happens in a Newborn shoot?
A newborn photography shoot lasts up to two hours at your home, or we can do it at our studio if you like. Newborns look cutest in their birthday suits. But feel free to bring any favourite outfits or blankets with you. We also have some props in the studio we can play around with.

One of the things we all love to do on a rainy afternoon is pull out the baby photo albums. There’s something so lovely about old baby photographs; even the most serious amongst us get that little bit misty eyed.PeachLovePhotography-(19)PINIMAGE
As they grow up so fast, babies are probably the most photographed members of the family. But, nowadays, these are often just digital snaps that rarely see the light of day.
A baby portrait photoshoot is all about creating a work of art. It’s about creating a portrait of your little one that is so exquisite, so breathtaking, so heart-stopping that your family will be ooh-ing and aah-ing over it for generations to come.

So what happens in a Babies shoot?
As an experienced baby photography studio we love to photograph babies of any age. Ideally, we like to do baby photo sessions in the morning when your little one is well fed and rested. Each baby photoshoot lasts up to an hour in our studio or two hours at your home or fun location.
We take a variety of portraits from fully clothed to birthday suits. So please bring a selection of  hats and colourful outfits with you. We also have props and some cute baby outfits in the studio we can use.

We all have a favourite photograph of ourselves from our childhood. We might be playing around in the park. Dressing-up in mum’s clothes. Or blowing out candles on our birthday cake.
The moment we dig this old photo out we’re transported back in time, no matter how long ago it was. We remember the special drink mum made us when we were ill, how our dad used to make us laugh, and the favourite toyPeachLovePhotography-(22)PINIMAGEwe refused to be separated from. (Even when we got all big and grown up.)
Kids’ photography is about capturing your child at their most expressive, uninhibited and mischievous. It’s about photographing a fleeting moment in their childhood that is over all too soon.But photographs of your children aren’t just for you. They’re a lovely keepsake for your kids as well. So at some point in the future they’ll look at these beautifully shot portraits and think about all the fun they had that day.In fact, Children’s photography is about creating a portrait that’s as much loved by your child, as it is by you.

So what happens in a Kids shoot?
First of all we’ll have a pre-shoot meeting , where we’ll discuss some of ideas we have for the photo session and we can talk about clothing and costumes. The shoot itself lasts up to an hour and takes place in the studio or at your home or at an outdoor location.  It’s really just about dressing up, putting on some funky music, having as much fun as possible, and letting your kids be themselves.

When asked what they’d rescue from a falling down house, most people say family photographs. Those lovely old family albums perhaps a little battered and frayed around the edges, but full of treasured photos of young-looking parents, grandparents and siblings.
Family portraits are an important part of our history. They tell us where we’ve come from, where we’re going and how we’ve come to be the way we are. Family photos capture passions, interests, loves and relationships. How many of us have a treasured photo of us as a small child with our mum or dad? Or a much-loved and sadly-missed granny?

We create fine art family portraits that will be handed down to your children. And to your children’s children. The kind of portraits that will be proudly displayed on walls, mantelpieces and bedside cabinets for generations.
Are too many family photos stuck on discs and hard drives? We think so.

So what happens in a Family shoot?
A family portrait photo session  lasts up to an hour at the studio or two hours at home or fun  location. It’s your time to relax and have fun as a family. Often times the best family photographs come from rather unconventional locations.  Since every child and family is unique, I would be happy to help you choose a location that suits your family’s personality.


I will give detailed information on exactly what to expect including ideas for clothing and locations after we schedule your session.  The goal is for you to be as relaxed as possible and ready to have fun on the day we meet.  If you are relaxed your children will be too.  Leave all the rest up to me!


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